Burns Video creates– and collaborates on– compelling, character-driven documentary.  We won Audience Choice Award at the TriMedia Film Festival (2010) in the short documentary category for “FULFILLMENT.” This documentary tells the story of an elderly man who embraces life through song:  Dr. Kai-Ho Mah, during his long teaching career, always had a penchant for song and dramatic flair in the classroom.  So now, living in an assisted-living center and dependent on a wheel-chair, he follows his passion to forge a new lease on life:   He regularly performs for his neighbors– from song to Shakespeare.  In the process, he solidifies his connection with his daughter despite the many miles between them.

Burns Video collaborates with other documentary producers and directors.   We provided editing on the documentary “JOURNEY WITH MY MOTHER,” (2009) from the late director Richard Kassebaum.  Richard is perhaps best known for his 2004 documentary, “BILL’S RUN” (POV/American Documentary Inc.).
Burns Video most recently provided Field Producing services on the documentary-in-production “BRIDGE TO AMERICA.”  This documentary, from Producer Jack Combs, also features Dr. Mah, but in a broader, historical context with themes of immigration and national identity.

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