Video Porfolio

Samples from documentaries produced by Aaron’s students.


This video uses interviews, graphics, and a variety of B-Roll throughout northern Colorado to show how DRS, a non-profit organization, is a support-system for people in this region who live with disabilities.  The people who benefit from DRS’ support provide emotional testimonial of the ongoing, positive impact DRS has had on their lives.  The video, besides serving as a fundraising tool, also allows DRS to introduce themselves easily and efficiently to potential volunteers and clients.


This is a video for the non-profit organization YMCA of Boulder Valley.  It showcases their annual summer camp for youth, Camp Santa Maria, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  This video weaves interviews with the Camp Director and campers themselves along with B-Roll that shows the various activities the camp offers:  From rock-climbing and mountain biking, to day-trips and social evening programs.  The combination of concise information from the leader of the camp, testimonials from the satisfied youth who spent their summer there, and beautiful visuals help the camp to put their best foot forward.  This encourages campers to return again next summer and attracts those who are unfamiliar with the summer camp experience to attend for the first time.

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